Traveller´s goods

Traveller´s goods are all goods brought by the passenger because of their internacional travel, whether ported as carrt on, checked baggage or sent to Brazil separately from the traveller, by any kind of transport.  Furthermore, the traveller´s goods include as much their accompanied and unaccompanied baggage as the goods excluded from the baggage concept. The difference between them is the tax treatment applicable in each concept. 


 The baggage concept include:

FiguraMarcador New or used goods brought by personal use or consumption, since they are compatible with the period and purpose of the trip. 

FiguraMarcador Any other goods, including gifts, provided they do not exceed the allowed quantity and not characterize commercial and / or industrial purposes.


Are those compatible, by their nature or quantity, with the duration and purpose of the trip, such as clothes, hygiene products, make-up, books, and any other goods that the traveler may require for their own use as well the portable goods for professional activities to use during the trip. For example:

FiguraMarcador One used camera (including the one´s with “camcorder” function);

FiguraMarcador One used wristwatch;

FiguraMarcador One used cell phone, including Smartphone.

It should be noted that some goods are not considered as personal goods, even if they are for the traveller personal use: 

FiguraMarcador Any equipment that requires installation, for example, a desktop computer, an air conditioner, a video projector;

FiguraMarcador Camcorder and Personal computer, including laptops and tablets. 

The customs officers may require the traveller to prove the compatibility of their luggage with the purpose and duration of the trip abroad.



 Are the others assets of the traveller, including gift, subject to duties, provided they are characterized as luggage.


The traveller´s goods not included in the baggage concept are:

FiguraMarcador Goods that exceed the quantitative limit;

FiguraMarcador Vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles with motor, motors for boat, jet skis and similar, motor homes, aircraft and boats of all kinds;

FiguraMarcador Parts and components of motor vehicles, including tires, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles with motor, motors for boat, jet skis and similar, rolling motor homes, aircraft and boats of all kinds;

FiguraMarcador Goods intended for commercial purpose or industrial use;

FiguraMarcador Goods intended for Legal Personal (entity/company) to subsequent importation under the Common Import Regime.


The set of goods that the traveller brings  with himself and in the same mean of transport which he travels. 



The set fo goods dispatched under an international transport document such as AWB (Air Way Bill), BL (Bill of Lading) or CRT (Road Transportation Bill/Road Freight Transportation).

At the entrance, the unaccompanied baggage: 

FiguraMarcador Should arrive within three (3) months or up to six (6) months after the arrival of the traveler; and

FiguraMarcador Must come from one of the places of residence or origin of the traveler.


It is the goods checked as accompanied bagagge by the traveler and because of the occurrence of unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, or errors or omissions unrelated to the traveler's will, arrives in the country without its holder.