Prohibitions and Restrictions


The following items are prohibited from entering the country, so do not bring them:

FiguraMarcador Cigarettes and beverages manufactured in Brazil, intended for sale exclusively abroad;

FiguraMarcador Cigarettes of a brand that is not marketed in the country of origin;

FiguraMarcador Firearm Replicas;

FiguraMarcador Wild animal species without a license and technical advice;

FiguraMarcador Aquatic species for ornamental purposes and agriculture, without permission of the competent agency;

FiguraMarcador Counterfeit products and / or pirated;

FiguraMarcador Products containing genetically modified organisms;

FiguraMarcador The pesticides, their components and related;

FiguraMarcador Goods that offend morality, traditions, health or public order; and

FiguraMarcador Narcotics Substances or drugs.

!!! It´s forbidden to travellers declare third-party baggage as if it was their own or enter the country with other people´s property as luggage. 

!!!! Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or other products containing ingredients that can cause physical dependence or chemical may not integrate the baggage of children or adolescents, even when accompanied by their legal representatives.


Regardless of the value and quantity, some goods are subject to specific controls and require the consent of other agencies to enter in the country. Preferably, these consents should be obtained before passing through customs, avoiding that the goods be retained.

Type of goods Control Authority
Animals, plants, and parts, animal or plant products, including food, seeds, veterinary products or pesticides Internacional Agricultural and Livestock Surveillance System (Vigiagro)
Medical products, medicines for human use, in vitro diagnostic products, cleaning products, including equipment and parts, tools and materials for aesthetic or dental use, or biological materials Anvisa
Weapons, ammunition and other products controlled by the Army Command Army
Wild animals IBAMA
Telecommunications equipment ANATEL
Rough diamonds National Departament of Mineral Production of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (DNMP)